Sunday, October 21, 2012

Worthy Gnome3 Extensions

Here's my list of installed gnome 3 extensions:

Alternative Status Menu

by gcampax
Replaces GNOME Shell Status Menu with one showing Suspend/Hibernate and Power Off as separate items

Axe Menu

by easy
Big and beautiful menu for gnome-shell.

Dash to Dock

by michele_g
Transform the dash into an intellihide dock.


by gfxmonk
Speed up the gnome-shell animation speed.

Notifications Alert

by hackedbellini
Whenever there is an unread notification (e.g. IM Messages), paints the message in the user's menu with a color chosen by the user.

Remove Accessibility

by lomegor
Remove the accessibility button from the top panel.


by Xes
Settings shortcuts : gnome-tweak-tool, dconf-editor, gconf-editor, gnome-session-properties, gnome-shell-extension-prefs, seahorse and nvidia-settings.

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Dominic Young said...

I mostly agree with your comment. Although, I still find gnome 3′s philosophy of organizing windows based on application highly short sighted. It seems they noticed that window based organizing was a bit misguided. The alt-tab behavior is probably the first thing I change, along with fixing the issue that Linus observes with respect to Terminal. My fear is that they won’t, and rather gnome 3 will move more toward the mac like design, which, I have many issues with. This site helps me to write my essay on this theme.